Think Green

The Coleman Group are constantly researching new and innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment. We make green conscious decisions about our processes and materials, which allows us to offer our clients a wide range of environmentally friendly signage solutions.


The Coleman Group uses the environmentally friendly “dye sublimation” process for producing printed fabrics and textiles. This process uses heat to transfer images onto a range of fabrics and textiles, including flags and carpet.

Fabrics can be used in various applications, the most green-conscious option is the Coleman Group’s Fabric Frame system. This system is the ultimate reusable signage solution.

  Stage of Process Green Advantage
1. Print direct onto Grand Format Solvent transfer paper using solvent based dye sublimation ink system This transfer paper has been 100% developed for solvent dye sublimation inks and is designed to give a high transfer yield, which results in reduced ink consumption.
2. Transfer image from paper to fabric using heat press (calender)

Print process is complete after this stage.

Unlike conventional fabric printing, there is no washing and curing stage and therefore no need for chemicals and water.

3. Cut and finish fabric Does not require heavy duty equipment that draws excessive electricity.
4. Pack, freight and store Fabric is lightweight and can be folded into a small package, so it is economical to freight and store.
6. Reuse

The Fabric Frame system makes it easier to reuse the fabric over and over again.

The frame itself can be re-skinned with new graphics, which makes it a 100% reusable signage system.

Frame off cuts can be added to existing frames to increase the overall size, therefore wastage is minimized.

7. Recycle framework Framework is made from aluminium and is 100% recyclable.
8. Dispose of fabric Compared to PVC banners and rigid substrates, fabrics and textiles are much more biodegradable.


The Coleman Group offer Innogreen as a green alternative to the conventional, non-bidegradable
PVC-based banner subsrates. Innogreen is a 100% PVC-free, recyclable substrate, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is the green conscious option, without compromising quality or versatility.


X-Board is a lightweight, kraft-fibre board, sandwiched between two layers of satin white paper. It is made from post-consumer recycled paper and sugar cane waste.

X-Board is less than 25% of the weight of MDF, but up to 80% as strong. It is fully repulpable, making it the green substrate of choice in environments where signage and displays are constantly changing.

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