Big, round and bright

Whilst we spend a lot of time creating, printing and installing every day, run of the mill signage, we do tend to create some pretty unusual pieces too.

Here’s a few examples of the big, round and bright that have passed through our doors recently.

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If you’re looking for BIG, we can do it!

This freestanding FABframe is 7m tall by 5.4m wide. Strengthened throughout with support beams, this will certainly be seen and make an impact at their next event.

Our new printer will allow us to print up to 5m seamless at unrivalled quality, so if big is what you want, we can do it now, better than ever.


When you’re sponsoring a high profile event and want maximum exposure, you need to think outside the square…

You want your branding to be seen on social media and you’ve got a giant dragon that you want to promote, so what else would you do but build a huge round dragon covered photo booth!

Using double sided FABframe profile with FABgrey block out skin inside and out and a custom doorway, this eyecatching photo booth was created for TEDx Sydney.


Hosting an event during Vivid Sydney, you really do have to get clever with lighting.

This feature was created for TEDx using white FABframe cubes stacked to reflect projected light at different angles.

It was a very clever way to do something simple with a big impact.

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