Newsletter – March 2017

February was all about Gifts…

A new venue and a new look for Reed Gift Fair.

The first big event at a new venue is always exciting and a great test to see what can be done to make the space your own.

Reed Gift Fair pushed the boundaries this year and definitely made their presence known at ICC Sydney.

From registration desks to escalator branding, floor decals to retro fitted window signage, entrance structures to pole wraps, there was no mistaking that you were at a Reed event.

The venue delivers tons of opportunities for clever signage, and with the versatility of FABframe, we left no stone unturned..roboGalleryLoaderSpinner{margin:50px auto;width:50px;height:40px;text-align:center;font-size:10px;}.roboGalleryLoaderSpinner > div{background-color:#333; height:100%; width:6px; display:inline-block; -webkit-animation:roboGalleryLoader-stretchdelay 1.2s infinite ease-in-out; animation:roboGalleryLoader-stretchdelay 1.2s infinite ease-in-out;}.roboGalleryLoaderSpinner .roboGalleryLoaderRect2{-webkit-animation-delay:-1.1s; animation-delay:-1.1s;}.roboGalleryLoaderSpinner .roboGalleryLoaderRect3{-webkit-animation-delay:-1.0s; animation-delay:-1.0s;}.roboGalleryLoaderSpinner .roboGalleryLoaderRect4{-webkit-animation-delay:-0.9s; animation-delay:-0.9s;}.roboGalleryLoaderSpinner .roboGalleryLoaderRect5{-webkit-animation-delay:-0.8s; animation-delay:-0.8s;}@-webkit-keyframes roboGalleryLoader-stretchdelay{0%,40%,100%{-webkit-transform:scaleY(0.4) } 20%{-webkit-transform:scaleY(1.0) }}@keyframes roboGalleryLoader-stretchdelay{0%,40%,100%{ transform:scaleY(0.4); -webkit-transform:scaleY(0.4); } 20%{ transform:scaleY(1.0); -webkit-transform:scaleY(1.0); }}

Reed Gift Fairs Retrofit Glass

Glass Hall 4

Hall 1 Arch

Escaltor 2

Entry Hall 4

Gala Cubes

Floor Tile

Floor tile FP

Aisle Banners

Entry Exit

CLoak Room

Cloak Room 2

Carpark Cube

Carpark cube 2 v2

Banner Pole WRaps


Hall 1 Arch 2

Reed Gift Fairs Hall 3 Arch

HAll 7

Reed Gift Fairs Hall3 Arch Front

Level 2 Foyer

L Frame

Reed Gift Fairs Lift sign

Level 4

Level 4 Stairs

Reed Gift Fairs Overhead FF

Reed Gift Fairs pole wrap 2

Reed Gift Fairs Pole Cube

Reed Gift Fairs Shuttle Bus

Reed Gift Fairs Registration Desk

Reed Gift Fairs Registration 2

Reed Gift Fairs Storage Box

FABframe stairs

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