Coleman Group provides clients with 3D printing options that can be used to elevate the visual communication of displays. The final product is installed by our team of trained fitters, who focus on delivering high quality, secure installations.


The Massivit 1800 Pro is the first of its kind in Australia. It is the largest plastic-based 3D printer on the market offering a limitless amount of creative applications within the signage, event and exhibition industry.


The creation and customisation of 3D files is the first service Coleman Group offers in our end-to-end 3D printing process.

We can print virtually anything, with limitless capabilities. 3D files can be provided to our 3D print team and then printed at any scale desired. Alternatively, an idea can be communicated to our design team, who will then generate 3D models in-house to any specifications. This service differentiates Coleman Group from all other 3D providers on the market.  Once a file is provided/created the printing process can begin


The Massivit 1800 Pro is the largest plastic-based 3D printer on the market today, equipped with the most innovative software. The machine offers enhanced performance, flexibility and control, with a 'Mega Quality' resolution combining strength and accuracy to produce the highest quality final product.


Post printing there is an endless array of different finishing options. We shape, paint and/or wrap all models in-house, dependant on the clients' requests. In the finishing process, our team fills the models with two-part expanding foam which provides internal reinforcement. There are other options for strength if necessary.

Coleman Group has an in-house spray booth specifically used for painting 3D models. Here we use high-quality automotive paints on the 3D prints, and finish with final sealing coats in either gloss to matte. Alternatively, models can be wrapped in vinyl which is most effective when wanting to add patterns or other graphics. 


The final product is installed by our team of trained fitters, who focus on delivering a high quality, secure installation. The models can be fixed in place, wall-mounted or rigged. When finished, clients are welcome to keep their models, but in cases where they are unwanted Coleman Group offers a removal service that allows the materials to be recycled. This minimises the environmental impact of our service and ensures our sustainability values are upheld across all departments. 

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