FABframe™ offers rich, vibrant fabric skins displayed in lightweight aluminium frames. It is much more versatile than all other display systems, and the final product is of much higher quality.

Simple, clever and cost-effective

FABframe™ is available in a range of profiles that can be custom designed to maximise the use of your space. Designed to be compatible with Octanorm, the profiles connect through a simple ‘tool-less’ locking system that can be wall-mounted, double-sided, free-standing, suspended, curved or illuminated depending on the desires of the client.

The fabric skins are printed using water-based inks on dye-sublimation printers which embed the ink into the fabric to ensure rich, vibrant, colourfast designs. The skins are easily removed from the frames and stored in boxes, offering a cost-effective and simple solution for displays that require constant changes or cycling. They are machine washable, crease-resistant and easy to transport.

Media Walls   |  Lightboxes  |  Custom Shapes  |  Booths  |  Counters  |  TV Walls  |  Stages

FABframe comes in a range of profiles that can be custom designed to meet your needs.

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