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Recyclable & Recycled Products

At Coleman Group we go beyond just keeping ourselves sustainable. 

These products are predominantly made of recycled resources and can be used in place of our plastic-heavy stock. This option aims to encourage our industry to work towards a sustainable future as a common goal, without restricting the function of our thriving industry.

Eco sheet  |  Ecoboard |  Sublamis T 


We offer a range of fabrics to ensure that you have the best result for the profile you choose.

Our consultants can offer advice on the most suitable fabric for your application.

The sturdy aluminium frame is assembled using a simple connector system and has the option of high powered LED lighting. The fabric prints have a rubber lip that is easily inserted into the frame. The elasticity of the fabric ensures a perfect fit.

The FABframeTM fabrics: rich, vibrant, colourfast and machine washable

Our commitment 

to sustainability

Coleman Group’s Sustainability Commitment aims to progress our business from that of a Linear Economy into a Circular Economy. We have devoted ourselves to Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle all materials possible and have implemented practices that align with our values. 



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