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Our team of extremely imaginative salespeople meet with clients and discuss their signage desires. Here, brainstorming takes place on what is possible and how it can be achieved. 



Concepts are created in-house by the creative department. Our team creates 3D renders of ideas, allowing clients to approve visual representation of what they discussed with their salesperson.



After concept approval, the creative team work to design graphics that match the clients' request. This process involves designing in a way that brands the space effectively whilst achieving the desired atmosphere for the show. 

Project management

Before a job leaves the factory the designated team is sat down with both the Account manager and the production manager. This is where the specifications of the job are communicated.


Coleman Group has a large assortment of printers that can be used to print on all types of substrates and surfaces. These printers utilise different printing methods to best suit the job and offer print sizes up to 5 meters in width.



All custom orders are pre-built and skinned in-house to ensure a perfect fit on site. In doing this we minimise onsite errors and install time.



Our team of installers are extremely punctual and arrive on-site fully informed about the job at hand. Our FABframe system allows us to be faster and quieter than all our competitors - no power tools needed.


When a show comes to a close, Coleman Group's team will arrive to remove all items provided.

These items can either be handed over to clients or returned back to the factory for storage.  


Coleman Group offers all clients the option of storing fabrics and frames to encourage reuse. Textiles are collected, folded and stored along with label frames to ensure easy and quick access at the client’s request.



Coleman Group is the only large-scale exhibition company that enables clients to create their displays through the use of customisable hired goods.


Our system allows clients to hire pre-set frame sizes to construct full structures for events. The sizes are specifically designed to suit any request and are significantly more cost-effective.