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HIRE items

Coleman Group is the only large-scale exhibition company that enables clients to create their displays through the use of customisable hired goods.


Our system allows clients to hire pre-set frame sizes to construct events and can be completely customised.

The sizes are specifically designed to suit any request and are significantly more cost-effective.


The efficiency of this service extends to bump-ins and bump-outs, where our experienced installers arrive with preprepared crates and build based off computer-generated plans, minimising human error.


There is no limit to what can be created, with new hireable items being added on a regular basis.


Exhibition TVs  |  Media  Walls  |  Cubes  |  Booths |  Stages |  Registration Counters | Custom Shapes

Rental options to suit every need

With a growing push for businesses to have a more sustainable approach to the way they work and the effects of their carbon footprint. 


At Coleman Group we are setting the benchmark for a safe and sustainable solution to signage by allowing our clients to hire items from our extensive catalogue of customisable frames 

Our commitment 

to sustainability

Coleman Group’s Sustainability Commitment aims to progress our business from that of a Linear Economy into a Circular Economy. We have devoted ourselves to Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle all materials possible and have implemented practices that align with our values. 



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