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Coleman Group manufactures a large assortment of signage products. Most famously, our popular FABframe system allows for a completely customisable display, fitted with fabric graphics.


Alternatively, we offer a number of traditional means of signage including:


Bring your message alive with crisp and engaging content that you can customise it any way you like.


REXframe® utilises reusable textile prints and sturdy aluminium frames to create signs that are easy to assemble and will transform the look of any space.


FABframe™ offers rich, vibrant fabric skins displayed in lightweight aluminium frames. It is much more versatile than all other display systems, and the final product is of much higher quality.


Coleman Group is the only large-scale exhibition company that enables clients to create their displays through the use of customisable hired goods.

Recyclable & Recycled

At Coleman Group we go beyond just keeping ourselves sustainable. 

These products are predominantly made of recycled resources and can be used in place of our plastic-heavy stock. 


Self-Adhesive Vinyl (SAV) is a flexible and versatile material that can be used to make eye-catching displays for events, exhibitions and displays

Image by Gradienta
3D Print

Mammoth 3D is all about bringing ideas to life. We provide a complete end-to-end 3D printing service that starts with file creation and ends with your satisfaction. 


Banners are a beneficial signage asset that can be used in unique locations and under several different circumstances.

General Signage

General signage is most commonly used as directional and situational signage that enable patrons to navigate events with ease.

Rigid Board

Unlike other printing companies, Coleman Group prints directly onto rigid board. 

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