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Coleman are proud to introduce our new digital signage solution! Packed full of amazing features. TBC

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How can Signpal

benefit you?

10 hour battery life

Keep your customers engaged longer

Lightweight portable design

Position your message anywhere

43" HD Display

High quality LCD display

Cloud based CRM

Update content onsite or remotely

8GB internal memory

Lightning-fast processing speed

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How are digital signage solutions changing the way businesses advertise?

Impact of Digital Signage on Business Advertising: Digital signage solutions are revolutionising business advertising by offering dynamic, customisable content options that can be updated in real-time. This flexibility allows businesses to respond quickly to market changes or promote time-sensitive messages. Digital signs capture attention more effectively than traditional static signage, with the ability to display videos, animations, and interactive content. Companies like Coleman Group are leveraging digital signage to offer businesses innovative ways to engage their audience, improve customer experience, and drive sales.

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10 hours battery life

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Run multiple campaigns

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Portable advertising

Our Mission at SignPal is to supply a sustainable solution to print media.

With a growing push for businesses to have a more sustainable approach to the way they work and the effects of their carbon footprint. 


At SignPal we are setting the benchmark for a safe and sustainable solution to signage. By eliminating the print cost and material waste of advertising. We are able to deliver a sustainable product that helps generate sales and keep your customers engaged longer.

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