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Attract Your Target Audience With Digital Signage Solutions

Updated: Nov 9

The event signage industry is constantly evolving, and Coleman Group is determined to grow with the times. The most recent addition to the industry’s stable is Digital Signage, which uses HD screens and immersive multimedia to engage the consumer at the exact moment required to serve your business.

What are digital signage solutions?

Digital signage solutions refer to electronic displays that present information, advertisements, messages, and other content using technologies like LED, LCD, and projection. These solutions can range from interactive kiosks, digital billboards, and menu boards to informational displays in public spaces, retail stores, and transportation systems. Digital signage often incorporates multimedia elements such as video, images, web pages, and interactive interfaces, allowing for dynamic and customisable content. Managed through specialised software, digital signage solutions offer businesses and organisations a versatile and engaging way to communicate with their audience, promote products or services, and disseminate real-time information.

SignPal, Coleman Group’s new addition to the digital signage medium, has burst out of the gate ahead of the curve with its on-site versatility and flexibility. This new digital format can be used to run multiple promotional campaigns concurrently and complement your existing installations. SignPal units can target specific audiences in any given circumstance, and are portable, so they allow for precise directional advertising. What’s more, the SignPal devices are sustainable and available on a rental basis, benefitting your business with another energy efficient, convenient, and cost-effective promotional option.


SignPal offers the market two varieties of Digital Signage that perform across a wide range of locations. For example, the digital format is ideally suited to engage consumers at events and exhibitions, in waiting and check-in rooms, at information desks, shopfronts, medical centres or public spaces, and shopping centres.

The SignPal Link features a lightweight, portable design and 10-hours of battery life, making it the perfect option for pop-up advertising (think events, festivals, and other free-standing advertising scenarios). It supports a wide variety of formats, a 43” HD display, and built-in speakers, giving you the freedom to implement the best campaign possible, every single time.

Alternatively, the SignPal Tower presents its stunning 55” HD display within a 2.5 metre tall, lightweight FABframe casing. It is designed with easy construction in mind, and is finished with a vibrant, customisable FABframe shell, so The Tower always draws the eye. Ideal for static installations in retail settings, exhibitions, and corporate offices, the SignPal Tower is a professional option for commercial digital marketing.

SignPal and Coleman Group

Coleman Group are leaders in sustainable event signage, and this approach is reflected within the SignPal brand. The SignPal Link and SignPal Tower are establishing a benchmark for digital signage solutions that are versatile, portable, and beautiful. By investing in our SignPal options, your company will acquire an edge in the market with the ability to ensure your message is always delivered in the right place, at the right time.

Get in touch with a Coleman Group representative to find out how our SignPal units can work for you today!

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