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5 Benefits Of FABframe

Having over 70 years’ experience we have seen and discovered many unique ways to showcase colourful displays at exhibitions, events, in retail, and other creative environments. One of the most innovative solutions is FABframe, our fabric printing solution.

If you have a stand at an event or exhibition, a media wall at a red carpet, a green-screen used in your latest production, or many other areas where FABframe thrives, it is essential that you get the right, desired look. Through FABframe this can be achieved both easily, and effectively. Here are five benefits of using FABframe:

Seamless Displays

Our FABframe system provides a seamless, professional look. Unlike rigid board displays, our seamless displays can be up to 5 metres high with no need for joins. FABframe knuckles and posts are specifically designed to show minimal frame and corners, ensuring you get the most out of your display, and achieve a look of tidiness and quality. FABframe has an inhouse design team that can assist with creating artwork that will capture your brand in the most aesthetically pleasing way. We offer a wide range of profiles to choose from to create seamless, magnificent displays and signage that will fit any space and achieve any look.

Vivid Colours and Non-Reflective

The design is printed directly onto crease resistant, washable fabric using a water-based sublimation ink system resulting in rich, vibrant colours. If you are after a display that will catch the eye of an audience, look no further. A further benefit is that our FABframe material is non-reflective, making it the perfect choice for TV and Media walls. We can guarantee that FABframe won’t reflect back the light of a camera flash.

Endless Building Opportunities

The FABframe system can be used to build just about anything! Our frames can be wall mounted, free standing, double sided, suspended, curved, or illuminated depending on your desired look or requirements. The frames can also be used to fit any space and are compatible with existing systems and cavities. These capabilities provide you with an extensive array of options to unleash your creativity.

Lightweight And Easy To Transport

One of the fantastic benefits of FABframe is the ease with which it can be transported. The lightweight frame can be assembled on site and the fabric printing can be folded into a small package. Both the frame and fabric can be reused over and over again, the fabric can be reprinted, and the frame can be reconfigured making FABframe economically viable. Signs can be stored and changed seasonally, and fabric prints can be machined washed.

Environmentally Conscious Brand

We are constantly researching new and innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment. With FABframe, we offer up recycled fabrics for a more environmentally friendly solution. We utilise water-based ink for the fabric printing, eliminating harmful fumes and solvents in the process. The aluminium frames are 100% recyclable or can be reconfigured again and again. Due to our light-weight aluminium frames, and the ability for our fabric to be folded into a small packages, freight and storage is radically reduced. We also provide our clients with the option to hire frames. We have introduced a ‘Hire’ system which allows clients to purchase pre-set frame sizes at a discounted price for their events. Once clients are done using their hired goods, we have a storage area where all materials are placed to be reused in future.

Overall, FABframe is a smart, simple, vibrant, innovative, affordable, and environmentally conscious system for all your promotional and creative needs. Contact us to discuss how you can use FABframe to add value to your business.


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