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A Year In Review - Coleman Group 2021

2021 has been another year for the record books. One where we’ve all had to adjust and adapt. How has Coleman Group adapted and thrived? Let’s take a look.

Pulling through the Covid-19 Pandemic

The pandemic has caused and will continue to cause major shifts in the event industry. We’ve seen this in the rise of virtual and hybrid events allowing businesses and brands to continue reaching their audiences in innovative ways.

The loss of funding in the event industry also caused micro-events to become more prevalent as the medical and financial risk decreases. In-person events have come with additional health regulations, with pre-screening, on-site testing, social distancing, and contactless facilities being made available. Coleman Group has risen to the challenge by developing a diverse range of Covid-19 signage to meet these requirements, as well as encouraging others to do the same.

Coleman Group’s Standout Work

This wouldn’t be an overview without celebrating some of the exciting projects we have undertaken throughout the year. Some of these fantastic projects include the Zimmerman fashion show, the Australian premiere of Hamilton the musical and the ATE Exhibition.

In April, Coleman Group helped bring the Zimmermann “Resort 22 Collection” fashion show to life, with an impressive 50-metre-long curved backdrop and rigged overhead lightboxes. The giant backdrop was crafted of double-sided profiles and reached 4.8 metres in height. Seamless, colourful fabric flowed across the supports and was then enhanced with our white powder coated lightboxes.

The Australian Premier of Hamilton in Sydney in partnership with Rizer Events was a tremendous success. FABframe media walls were used at the successful opening, and it was an honour to be involved. These walls were incredibly vibrant and showcased the colour quality and results which can be achieved with FABframe skins.

As displayed in the first image, we created media walls and recyclable desks for the ATE exhibition. The event was a fantastic showcase of tourism in Australia, and example of sustainability in event signage.


Sustainability is at the centre of everything we do at Coleman Group. We are committed to educating our team on sustainable practices and finding innovative ways to recycle and reuse materials as well as reduce our carbon footprint.

This year we have been diverting a total of 90% of our outgoing waste from landfills. This has been achieved through processes and technologies such as our cardboard compactor to ensure all recyclable waste is compressed and bundled up to be taken to recycling facilities. We also use water-based inks instead of solvent-based and offer pre-set frames for hire to reduce wastage. We have been implementing eco-friendly signage alternatives as much as we can.

Over the lockdown period we brainstormed new ways to further increase our sustainability and utilise renewable energy. This led us to the decision to use a Photovoltaic System, enabling us to harness solar power energy. These Tigo Solar Panels will also allow us to monitor how much energy we are using (and saving!). These live stats will be available on our website soon.

2021 has been a year of unprecedented change, but we have all taken it in our stride, tackling the Covid-19 crisis, upholding sustainable practices and producing stellar work despite it all. Here’s to an excellent 2022.


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