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Creating Seamless Exhibition Booths With FABframe

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

In order to convert attraction into opportunity, signage must do more than just draw attention. The benefit of signage is insurmountable until you experience it for yourself. For a variety of reasons, FABframe is a strong choice for trade show booths.

Here's a few tips on how to use FABframe to build show booths that are completely seamless.

FABframe - Let’s Talk About It

The FABframe signage system is a pioneer in weld-edged frame systems and a surefire way to draw in onlookers. It is a durable frame system with a flexible design that allows users to choose where and how to erect it. It is popular for occasions and shows, but it goes beyond that.

About The Frame

The fabric skins are printed using water-based inks on dye-sublimation printers, which embed the ink into the fabric to ensure rich, vibrant, colourfast designs. The skins are easily removed from the frames and stored in boxes, offering a cost-effective and simple solution for displays that require constant changes or cycling. They are machine washable, crease-resistant, and easy to transport.

Here’s what puts the “fab” into FABframe:

  • It is easy and quick to erect, and doesn't need any equipment or tools to put together

  • It has bright, digital fabric printing throughout

  • There are numerous adaptable frame types available that are all compatible with the Octanorm system

  • It is a fantastic option for occasions, exhibits, and shopping settings

  • It is a viable, affordable choice for signage

  • It can be re-used any number of times

FABframe can be used to spruce things up by anyone looking to create a seamless show booth experience. In the end, it serves as a marketing instrument to communicate your brand's identity and mission. Anyone seeking to build spaces that speak volumes can greatly benefit from FABframe signage rental frame systems as it injects colour and vibrance into the space.

What makes a good exhibition booth?

A good exhibition booth effectively captures attention, conveys a brand's message, and encourages visitor interaction. Key elements include a compelling design that stands out in a crowded event space, clear branding and messaging, interactive features or demos, and an intuitive layout that facilitates traffic flow. Additionally, quality materials and lighting enhance the booth's appeal, while knowledgeable and engaging staff members play a crucial role in making a lasting impression on visitors. Ultimately, a successful exhibition booth creates a memorable experience that resonates with attendees and aligns with the brand's objectives.

An inventive tool to share your brand in a creative and sustainable way, FABFrame does all of the talking for you. If you are interested in producing a seamless exhibition experience, get in touch with Coleman Group today.


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