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Exhibition Stand Hire - What the Real Benefits Are

Updated: Apr 5

What is an exhibition stand hire?

An exhibition stand hire refers to the service of renting a pre-designed or custom-built display booth for use at trade shows, exhibitions, or conferences. This option allows companies and organisations to present their products, services, or information in a professional and engaging manner without the need to purchase the stand outright.

Hiring an exhibition stand can be a cost-effective and flexible solution, especially for businesses that attend multiple events with varying space requirements or those looking to minimise the logistics and expense of owning and storing their own stands.

Exhibition stand hire services often include the design, setup, and breakdown of the stand, along with options for customisation to reflect the hirer's branding and specific needs. This approach not only saves time and resources but also ensures that the stand is of high quality, visually appealing, and tailored to the event's audience, enhancing the overall impact and effectiveness of the exhibition presence.

So Why FABframe?

Exhibitions are a key platform to showcase your business services and products, so it is essential that your exhibition stand is eye-catching and captivates the attention of potential customers. FABframe does exactly that! Not only is FABframe eco-friendly, but it also has the ability to capture the attention of potential customers through an array of vibrant colours, clear messages and unique design capabilities – You can create almost anything!

Having evolved over 70 years, we have found many unique ways to create colourful displays for retail, red carpet events, and exhibitions. FABframe is one of the most innovative fabric printing solutions that we suggest time and again for exhibition stand hire. The skins are printed using water-based inks ensuring rich, vibrant colourful designs. The design is printed directly onto crease resistant, machine washable fabric that can be folded and stored as a small package.

The range can be customised to fit your space perfectly, using a simple, tool-less locking system that can be wall mounted, double-sided, free-standing, suspended, curved, or illuminated. The whole system is lightweight, easy to transport and easy to store.

  • You can hire pre-set frames or have them completely customised to a specific design. They are built to specific sizes, keeping them more cost-effective

  • Fabric prints with a rubberised lip can easily be inserted into the frame, the elasticity of the fabric allows for a perfect fit

  • LED lighting can be added

  • TVs and other technology can be added too to make the exhibition stand more interactive

  • We offer an end-to-end service from installation to removal.

The Sustainable Solution

We are setting the benchmark for exhibition stand hire using safe, sustainable, cost-effective exhibition solutions. We are committed to the ethos of reduce, re-use, recycle to best reduce our impact on the planet. By hiring your exhibition stand equipment, you minimise the need for the unnecessary production of additional equipment and resources.

Our frames can be used again and again allowing clients to have their displays kept aside in our storage facility until required at a later date.

  • Reduced aluminium wastage

  • Less production pollution

  • Less noise pollution

  • Stored rather than disposed of

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do here at Coleman Group.

Reduced Costs

Through utilising exhibition stand hire you can save your business money, receiving impressive displays for less. It also provides you with the option to have multiple options at your fingertips. You can choose whether to have your displays stored aside and repurposed for your next event.

Hire System Summarised

  • It is a more cost-effective solution

  • You have multiple options at your fingertips

  • It is a more sustainable option, requiring less need to recreate the same equipment that already exists

  • It is a completely versatile option and can be customised to suit your exact requirements

  • It will be set up and taken down by an experienced team saving you time

  • Can be stored in our state-of-the-art facility

We can’t wait to collaborate with you and create an impressive display to remember. Contact the Coleman Group to discuss how our hireable frame systems can assist your business today.


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