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How Self-Adhesive Vinyl is Changing the Game

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

In many industries such as events and exhibitions, retail, or even medical industries, having clear and simple directional signage is a must to help maintain traffic flow and keep crowds moving in the right direction. Using adaptable and space saving materials such as Self-Adhesive Vinyl (SAV) for your signage allows for quick and easy application and more room for eye-catching signage or people. It is an extremely versatile material that can be easily customised to any shape or design and adheres to a multitude of surfaces.

What Is Directional Signage?

Directional Signage gives you information on what direction from your current position places, or people are located. The most common examples are the signs locating bathrooms in shopping centres, entry and exit signs on doors and at parking entrances, and on a much larger scale, road signage indicating the upcoming exits.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl for Directional Signage

Self-adhesive vinyl is a flexible and durable material with a highly adhesive backing that can be applied to a variety of smooth and hard surfaces, making it a very practical option when showcasing your business. This includes windows, walls, mirrors, metal, carpet, wood and so much more. There are very few places that SAV cannot be applied, making it one of the most versatile and adaptive signage solutions. The Vinyl material of SAV is very durable, allowing it to not wear easily and have the ability to be used indoors and outdoors.

With the ability to customise the design and size of the self-adhesive vinyl, businesses can utilise this curated product to ensure your business is accurately portrayed. You can specify whether you wish for the self-adhesive vinyl to be permanent or removable. It is also a more sustainable option for signage as it can withstand severe conditions that would generally require for the signage to be taken down and replaced.

Where can Directional SAV Signage be applied?

  • Elevator surrounds and doors

  • On existing signage to update information and reduce waste

  • Floor stickers to direct or instruct people

  • Staircases for advertising or directional purposes

  • On escalators to display your business

Can I use removable vinyl for signs?

Yes, removable vinyl is commonly used for signs, as discussed above. It's designed to adhere securely to surfaces but can be easily peeled off without leaving adhesive residue or causing damage. This feature makes it ideal for seasonal promotions, pop-up events, or situations where the sign's content needs regular updating. While removable vinyl is durable and can withstand various conditions, it's essential to consider the specific environment and duration of display to ensure it remains in optimal condition during its intended use.

With boundless iterations in design and shape and application, Self-Adhesive Vinyl Directional Signage is your new cost friendly marketing tool. Get in touch with our team at Coleman Group today to see the full extent of endless customisations.


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