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Our Commitment to Sustainability In Exhibition Signage

Updated: Mar 14

Sustainability is a buzz word that is thrown around loosely these days. It provides an attachment to “doing the right thing” as a business, but not everyone understands the true extent of the benefits of increasing sustainability. As a business that has been around for over 70 years, we can be considered “sustainable” ourselves, having stood the tests of time and pushed through with innovation and evolution.

How can exhibition stands be made more sustainable?

Making exhibition stands more sustainable involves using eco-friendly materials, modular designs, and energy-efficient lighting. Coleman Group is committed to sustainability, offering solutions like the reusable FABframe system, which allows for easy graphic updates without replacing the entire structure. We encourage the use of recycled materials and work to minimise waste, ensuring that your exhibition stands are as green as they are eye-catching.

We are doing our part to change in ways that complement the world around us, but there is so much more to sustainability in exhibition signage. This is a summary Coleman Group’s commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability Is About People

Sustainability starts and ends with people, which is why we are constantly talking about sustainable values, striving for continuous innovative thinking, educating our team on sustainable practices, and choosing a supply chain that is committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

Solar Power Savings

We have made plans to upgrade our facility to house a Photovoltaic System (PV). This will enable us to harness solar power energy, reducing our electrical energy usage.

Green Exhibition Signage Alternatives

We use eco-friendly alternatives wherever possible, and our clients are always given the option to choose eco-friendly alternatives.

Using Water-Based Inks

Water-based inks are an extremely environmentally friendly alternative

to solvent-based products. By using water-based inks, we are improving the health and safety of our workplace and minimising our carbon footprint through lower emissions of greenhouse gasses.

Reducing Waste with Hire Frames

Offering pre-set frame sizes at reduced prices enables clients to reduce their signage waste. These items are re-used again and again, preventing unnecessary production and wastage once events are completed.

Repurposing Textiles

Repurposing is something we can all do more of. We store client fabrics for them so that they can re-use their graphics. If they don’t want to re-use them, we dispose of them sustainably by shredding them, co-mingling them with wood-pulp, and bailing it all to produce Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF) that can be used in place of environmentally sourced fossil fuels.

Recycling Cardboard and Paper

We have a strict recycling policy in place to ensure that any goods that can be recycled are disposed of correctly. Our local recycling waste collectors come around and collect our recyclables on a weekly basis.

Recycling Frames

The excess offcuts from our aluminium exhibition signage frames are recycled through the use of aluminium-specific bins located around the facility. Once filled, these bins are transported to a recycling factory where they are melted down and repurposed, closing the loop on the use of our materials. Many frames get recut and are then used to create other frames.

Recycling General Waste

Everyone in the world should be recycling general waste, and we do that too as part of our everyday working practice. We have separate bins for all the recyclable items and have strict protocols in place to ensure everyone does their part.

How can printing be more sustainable?

Sustainable Printing Practices: Making printing more sustainable involves using eco-friendly materials, such as recycled paper or biodegradable inks, and optimising design layouts to reduce waste. Energy-efficient printers and digital proofs to minimise physical waste are also key strategies. Companies leading the way in sustainable printing, focus on minimising their environmental impact through innovative recycling programs, reducing the use of hazardous chemicals, and leveraging the latest in eco-friendly printing technology to ensure that their products are both high-quality and environmentally conscious.

Mastering Sustainability in Exhibition Signage

If we can master sustainability in our industry, we are certain others can do the same. We need to focus on avoiding the depletion of natural resources while maintaining ecological balance for our planet. If we all focus on the following, we can certainly do our part for a brighter future:

  • Reduce our fossil fuel usage

  • Reduce our synthetic chemical usage

  • Reduce our environmental destruction

  • Ensure we maintain our thriving industy

Are you with us?

You can read more about our approach to sustainability here.


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