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The Benefits of a Signage Rental System

We are often oblivious to the number of things catching our eyes and attention throughout a single day. Signage is designed to attract and capture the attention of passers-by. Having strong visual imagery, as well as high quality signage, imprints what your company is selling whether that be your brand, company, product, or service, and turns that captured attention into an opportunity. With the consistent evolution of brands and companies, the most valuable signage solution is the FABframe rental signage system that evolves with you and your company.

What Is FABframe?

Our FABframe rental signage system is a dominant force in the exhibition and events industry, but its usage is not limited to this industry alone. FABframe can be used in retail settings to help spark inspiration intrigue in your customers. Used as a marketing tool, it can convey the message of who you are and what you do as a brand. FABframe signage rental systems can be extensively useful to anyone looking to create spaces that speak volumes about a brand, business, service, or product. Here at Coleman Group, we love this rental frame system because it is a highly sustainable option to signage while also being immensely versatile in its design to give users the freedom to select and choose where and how it is put up.

The Benefits of the FABframe Signage Rental System

The advantages of proper signage are immeasurable, and this becomes more unmistakable the more you use it. The FABframe rental system is an especially useful option for exhibitions and events for several reasons. Let’s unpack the fantastic benefits of using our rental FABframe system.

  • Simple and easy to put together (or we can do the work for you)

  • Customisable frame sizing and fabric artwork

  • Cost-effective as you only pay the rental cost of the system and the fabric printing

  • Once you’ve used it, we will take the FABframe system off your hands and re-use it again, creating a highly sustainable option for signage

This innovative tool can share your brand messaging with your target market in a creative and sustainable way, with boundless iterations and customisable options. Sound like the solution you need? Coleman Group are always ready to spread the sustainable signage solutions we provide and help you create the best-looking signs, for the best opportunities.


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