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Endless Creative Possibilities With FABframe – Unique Ideas For Exhibition Builds

Updated: Mar 14

Exhibitions are an excellent avenue to create awareness of your product, service, or business. It’s so crucial that your exhibition stand is eye-catching, having the ability to draw in customers. Coleman Group strives to create innovative signage solutions that push creative boundaries. We can deliver an extensive variety of interesting and unique FABframe exhibition builds.

The versatility of FABframe is second to none, allowing clients to think big and materialise even the most complex of ideas. From standard media walls to star-shaped cut outs or grand, immersive environs. The choice is yours.

Unique Ideas For Exhibition Builds

Exhibitions can be overwhelming, so you want to make sure that you grab the visitor’s attention as soon as they walk into the exhibition hall. FABframe is the perfect choice to ensure you set your exhibition stand is set apart from the rest.

Here are some ideas we’ve created and worked with in the past:

  • Hanging personalised cubes or cylindrical shapes overhead will make a statement from afar.

  • Curved media walls make a striking statement, there is no size limit.

  • We have created some extraordinarily large media walls and cylinders for clients for exhibition builds and events over the years including a long, colourful undulating wall as a backdrop for a fashion show.

  • Lightboxes can be formed to the clients wishes and even rigged overhead to compliment the installation.

  • Tv’s and other large screen integration.

  • Large archways.

  • Complex shaped frames (e.g., star-shaped).

  • Seamless projection screens of any shape or size can be used to get your message across at exhibitions and events.

And that’s just a start!! Check out more below!

Benefits Of Using FABframe For Your Exhibition Build

All in all, this system is extremely versatile enabling your wildest ideas to come to fruition when it comes to promoting your business.

  • The frames are lightweight, easy to erect and store, making them a simple solution for any business or individual.

  • The screens are printed with water soluble inks that are vibrant, don’t fade, and are environmentally sustainable.

  • Our stretchable fabrics can be perfectly tailored to fit any shaped frame.

  • The option for seamless fabric displays, to ensure a professional and clean look.

How easy is it to install and pack up a FABframe for exhibitions?

Installing and packing up a FABframe system is designed to be incredibly user-friendly and efficient, making it an ideal solution for exhibitions and trade shows. The FABframe system utilises lightweight aluminium frames and stretchable fabric graphics that can be assembled and disassembled quickly without needing specialised tools. The simplicity of the setup process means that individuals can easily construct a visually impactful display in a short amount of time, reducing labour costs and allowing for more focus on other aspects of event preparation.

When it comes to packing up, the FABframe disassembles just as easily as it assembles. The fabric skins are designed to be crease-resistant and can be folded neatly for storage, while the frames are modular and can be broken down into compact pieces. This design not only makes transportation straightforward but also ensures that the components take up minimal storage space. Whether you’re moving your display between events or storing it for future use, FABframe’s ease of installation and pack-up simplifies the entire process, offering a stress-free solution for dynamic and engaging exhibition stands.

Our experienced team would love to help you bring your idea to life! From initial design to final installation, the team will be there every step of the way to ensure you receive the look and outcome you desire.


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