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Engaging Users With Digital Signage Solutions - SignPal

Any business owner will know that a key component for getting their product known in the market is through advertising, a costly portion of one’s budget. SignPal, developed by Coleman Group, is a digital signage solution that attracts attention, while also offering an element of interactivity.

At Coleman Group, we have been designing, printing, and installing signage for more than 70 years, working with over 1000 clients around the world. We have evolved with our client’s needs and understand what best serves their audiences. When it comes to creating a stir at a promotional event or exhibition, or retail and pop-up stores, digital signage solutions always stand out.

What is SignPal?

SignPal is a form of portable advertising with the ability to run multiple campaigns. The underlying mission for this digital signage solution is to supply sustainable media, eliminating the cost and waste of printed material.

  • SignPal has a 10-hour battery life, engaging users for longer.

  • It’s lightweight and portable so your message can be positioned wherever you want.

  • There is a 43” HD display with 8GB internal memory.

  • Content can be updated remotely or onsite with cloud-based CRM.

Where Would SignPal Be Useful?

Businesses can promote themselves and generate leads at events, exhibitions, or retail events. The options are endless due to the portability of the device. Discounts and promotions can be included as can a payment option. This could be achieved by including a QR code that can be scanned. It is important to eliminate as many points of contact in these times of Covid, with this digital signage solution, this can be achieved easily while still engaging an audience.

SignPal has a number of promotional solutions to help you engage users at events, exhibitions and retail events and to assist you in generating those all-important leads.

Stay ahead of the pack with our favourite digital signage solution, SignPal. Let our many years of experience help you get your message out there.


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