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Exhibition Signage Options

Updated: Mar 14

Coleman Group can provide any number of unique exhibition signage options. Our vibrant, creative displays will make your stand… stand out… from the crowd in a sea of competitors.

What is signage in exhibition?

Signage in exhibitions refers to the visual displays and graphics used to identify, inform, and direct attendees within an exhibition space. This can encompass a variety of elements, from large banners and backdrops that showcase a brand or theme, to directional signs that guide visitors around the venue. Signage plays a pivotal role in creating a cohesive brand presence, highlighting key information, and enhancing the overall visitor experience. In exhibitions, effective signage not only attracts attendees to specific booths or displays but also helps navigate, communicate key messages, and reinforce brand identity in a crowded event environment.

What are the latest trends in trade show booth design?

Current trends in trade show booth design include immersive experiences, interactive technology, and sustainable materials. Designs are moving towards creating engaging, memorable spaces that reflect the brand’s identity and values. Coleman Group stays ahead of these trends, integrating the latest design principles and technologies into our solutions. From digital signage experiences to eco-friendly displays, we help clients craft booths that stand out and resonate with attendees, ensuring their message is heard loud and clear.

Choosing Your Exhibition Signage

  • FABframe utilises seamless, vibrant skins stretched over an aluminium frame. This can be assembled in whatever size or shape desired.

    • Media walls

    • Media cubes

    • SAV (Self-adhesive Vinyl)

    • Rigid board

    • Lightboxes

    • Suspended signage

    • Booths/rooms

    • Archways

    • And much more!...

  • SignPal gets your message across via a portable, digital signage system. Vibrant, high-definition messages can be displayed in any shape or size lightbox. The message can be updated remotely from an offsite location and in real time maintaining the client's interest. No wires will be necessary as the sign is powered by batteries with a ten-hour lifespan. A very proactive exhibition signage option.

Added Features and Offerings

At Coleman Group we offer a variety of unique product offerings and features. A few of these many offerings include:

  • Recyclable desks - Desks can be easily assembled from sturdy, recyclable material. They are strong enough to hold a laptop, a much easier alternative than moving furniture in for your stand.

  • Lockable doors - Heavy duty brackets with lockable doors are available to keep your stand secure during the exhibition.

  • Shelving – A fantastic way to store products or show them off in style!

Opting For Sustainability

All of our products can be kept in our on-site compact storage facility to be reused for future events and exhibitions if desired by the client - This process reduces aluminium wastage!

One of the excellent things about our fabrics is that they can be repurposed through our partnership with textile recovery company, ‘BlockTexx’. We can divert unwanted textiles into high value raw materials for reuse, creating a circular economy. Our polyester textiles can be turned into pellets which can create consumer items such as shopping baskets, or engineering materials such as geosynthetic fabrics, whilst our reclaimed cellulose can be used to make hydro-mulch or fertilizer to aid land reclamation!

Lightweight, easy-to-assemble, unique, high quality, and sustainable… what more could you want!

We’d love to hear from you! Get in contact with us today to find out how Coleman Group can help at your next exhibition.


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