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Hybrid Event Ideas

In April 2021 the Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) Convention was held in Sydney. This event has been run by Tourism Australia for years, and it's finally made its way into a Hybrid Event. It included both in-person and virtual event components. This ensured that the tourism industry could get together, exchange knowledge, and create new business connections amidst the uncertainty of international travel and border restrictions.

The event's layout was different to usual, with networking areas taking the place of traditional seller booths. Coleman Group was given the responsibility of bringing to life Expertise Events’ vision in creating impressive media walls, archways, and recyclable desks made from FABframe.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do here at Coleman Group. This event was a perfect example of the ability to utilise sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials to create stunning displays.

FABframe Archways

Our enormous and eye-catching FABframe archways were 20 metres long and 5 metres high! These archways were created almost entirely out of rental frames, proving to be a sustainable choice. We all want to be Eco-friendly and our rental frame systems allows clients to save money while also helping the environment by lowering aluminium wastage! Our frames can be recycled multiple times, allowing clients to have their displays kept aside in our storage facility until needed at a later date.

FABframe Media Walls

Our FABframe media walls were a stunning addition to the event, creating colourful and immersive spaces that were themed, based on the different states of Australia. Most of these walls were 6 metres wide and 5 metres high, however, some were up to 20 metres high!! The best part…. they are completely seamless, allowing for a clean and tidy look. The fabrics used for the media walls were created using water-based inks which are the friendly alternative to solvent-based inks. Not only are the skins environmentally friendly, but they also look amazing! The vibrancy and colour quality of FABframe is like no other.

Recyclable Desks

The eco-friendly desks used were extremely innovative, being crafted only out of recyclable materials. Not only were these desks sustainable, but they were also incredibly sturdy, reliable, and effective. The desks were strong enough to hold laptops and could be flat packed easily to get on and off site. We made a total of 460 of these desks, all put together in a day!

Overall, the event was a great success, and it was a pleasure to be involved. The final product was stunning - everything from our sustainable approach to construction (and everything in between). We love creating displays that are sustainable and environmentally conscious without compromising on beauty!

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