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Retail Signage Solutions

Updated: Apr 5

As we have finally reached the end of lockdown, it is the perfect time for stores to update their retail signage.

Here at Coleman Group, we offer an extensive selection of signage products that reach far beyond just events and exhibitions. Our signage solutions are perfect for retail environments!

We have the capability to conduct retail roll-offs on both a national and international scale. With 70+ years of industry experience working with both smaller and high-end brands globally, we possess the required resources to successfully deliver smooth and quick rollouts.

And remember, sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do at Coleman Group.

Our retail signage solutions utilise sustainable material alternatives and they can also be rented out, consequently reducing aluminium wastage.

What is retail signage?

Retail signage encompasses a wide range of visual communication tools used within retail environments to guide, inform, and persuade customers. This can include exterior signs that attract attention to the store, directional signage that aids in navigation, promotional displays that highlight sales or special offers, and informational signs that provide details about products or services.

Effective retail signage serves multiple purposes: it enhances brand visibility, improves customer experience by making it easier to find products, and drives sales through strategic promotion. From window displays and aisle markers to digital screens and checkout signs, each element of retail signage is designed to contribute to a cohesive shopping experience, encouraging customer engagement and ultimately supporting the store's marketing and sales objectives.

It is essential that your signage is captivating, professional, and effective, drawing in potential customers. Coleman Group is equipped to provide everything from Australia wide Rollouts to one off activations - whether it be branding, incorporating into existing spaces, light boxes, or more! Here are a few signage solutions that will help your business stand out from the crowd.

Retail Signage Solutions

Signpal - the perfect digital signage solution for retail!

Packed full of amazing features, SignPal is an astonishing portable signage system which displays messages in vibrant high definition. These impressive signs can be used together to create immersive animated displays. Highlighting current specials, products, sales or even upcoming events and promotions. SignPal can be operated in real time to update messages from off-site locations and has a 10-hour battery life with no wires! Your client’s first impression is your store signage, so it is essential that your signage is effective, captivating, and of the highest quality. Attract customers and generate sales with Signpal. ✓ 10 Hour Battery Life ✓ No Wires ✓ Lightweight Portable Design ✓ 43” HD Display ✓ Cloud Based CRM

You can also use digital media to update prices, and Covid information (QR codes etc) using SignPal. This type of signage makes communicating with your customers a breeze, it is fast, easy and flexible.

Lightboxes – A simple yet beautiful way to brighten up a retail environment.

REXframe lightboxes use low voltage LED lighting and can be used to create stunning, eye-catching retail displays.

The LED lighting provides bright, even illumination with long-life and low power consumption. The 24-volt LED modules simply clip into frame and are easily removed when dismantling. The prints used with the lightboxes can be easily changed to match the season, your special promotions or product displays. Lightboxes are not only a standout form of signage, but they are also environmentally friendly, easy to install and re-usable.

Available in double sided, single sided, D’lite, and slim line.

Covid Retail Signage Solutions

Covid signage solutions for retail stores need to be clear, informative, and direct. Each piece needs to captivate the immediate attention of onlookers so that they know what to do and where to go.

Following is a range of covid signage options to make opening up and staying compliant easier.

  • Rigid boards for general informational signage, e.g.: follow the flow of foot traffic.

  • Floor stickers, e.g.: in alignment with the above, you can have floor stickers to direct the flow of traffic around your retail store to prevent too many people gathering in one aisle at one time.

  • General Covid signage with all precautions that must be taken, e.g.: maintain social distance, follow the floor stickers, keep your mask on, etc.

  • Banners that can be displayed outside your store for general store information, e.g.: if you have new operating hours, these can be displayed clearly outside your store, or even just to alert your customers that you are open for business and practicing Covid safety measures.

So, are you ready to welcome customers through your door in a safe, and structured manner with captivating retail signage?

Reach out to us today to discuss your retail signage needs and how we can retrofit each solution to your stage of business, pre and post Covid lockdown.


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